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Far Infrared Carbon Crystal Heating Panel.
Discover a better way to heat your home!


Mirror Heating Panel Series

The Carbon crystal heating element is within the mirror to enable a fogless experience!


Floor Heating Panel Series

Feel the warmth coming from your floor. You will feel like at a 6 stars hotel, at home!


Maximize your living space

Infrared heating panels can be hung from the ceiling and unlike radiators, you don’t lose any floor area.

Enjoy almost instant heat

The infrared heat is emitted from the panel almost instantly so no more waiting for a room to warm up.

Save on electrical fees

The cost of running an infrared panel versus an electrical convection heater is far cheaper as they require less power output to provide the same level of heat.

Health benefits

Reduces mold & allergens, as well as health benefits including: boosting immune functionality, detoxing and reducing joint stiffness.

Infrared heating is simpler and cheaper to install than wet central heating systems

A typical system consisting of 4 panels will take just one day to install by a qualified electrician.

Comparison between regular heaters and heating panels

Heating Panel Electrical Usage


Convectair Wall Mounted Heaters


Regular Baseboard Heaters


Portable Electric Heaters


We can print directly on the panels, send us your family picture!

The arrival of the far infra-red heating panel will have the same impact as the arrival of the LED lightbulb to the market.

Jason Levy, BodiSpa Comfort Specialist